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I harbor at least one opinion I'm not supposed to have: I enjoy listening to Nickelback.

Yep, me, a man of impeccable* and refined** taste likes the occasional Nickelback track.

Now, unless you've literally never listened to music in the last 20 years, how I just framed this intro came as no surprise.

No one is supposed to like Nickelback.

But, whether you [covertly] like them, or you hate them (because you're soooo cool), you know that they get an inordinate amount of flak for just existing. The "inordinate" part isn't even arguable.

And their crime? Doing what they love and sharing it. The absolute horror!

Now, despite the fascinating sociological implications, I'm not here to weigh in on how specific groups and events become cultural touchstones for trendy, collective hate. At least, not right now.

Instead, I think there's a better lesson for anyone creating stuff, especially if you're a wee bit perfectionistic. And that lesson is this:

If Nickelback can "hit send," so can you.

Yeah, if four dudes, in a rock band of all things, can withstand the gravitationally-bending hate they're battered with and keep on power chord'ing, you certainly have no excuse!

Basically, ain't nobody got time for Nickelback-tier haters. If you've got something to share, hit send; cheesiness et al. be damned.