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This entire blog is uncopyrighted.

I was inspired, in a specific way, by Leo over at zenhabits. Non-specifically, copyright law and intellectual property are mostly trash.

So, the entire content of the blog is in the public domain (CC0). Steal it. Take credit for it. Remix it with obscenities and release it as bad fanfiction.

You don’t need to contact me for permission. Though, if you’re using it for what you deem is a constructive purpose, I’d love to know about it! My email is "chris" AT "oddlinks" DOT "com".

However, if you’ve got your eye on this beautiful theme, go check out Curiositry's work over here. Also, any images not created by me, which will always have an attribution, also are not included in this license. Don’t try and steal their work. I’ll find you.


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